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New Journal

Okay guys, I have a new journal. It's the_kumquat. Just giving you guys a heads up because I'll be friend you all. Hopefully I won't neglect that journal like I've been neglecting this one. :p
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Oh. Hello there.

Sorry for the huge, huge, HUGE break there. College has been hectic, to say the least. BUT I HAS AWESOME TO SHARE:
1. I'm going to a Dethklok concert in October. 8D

2. I'm taking the most ballin fiction writing class EVER. Its run by William Kelly. He's a writer, apparently. You guys ever read any of his stuff? Anyway. He made us write journal entries the first day without using the verb "to be", then has us read it out. This one girl wrote this really florid, purple-prose piece of crap. It was like a bad fanfic, seriously. So when she's done, he opens his eyes (he closes his eyes when you read your stuff), and says: "Now, next time you get the urge to write something really poetic and prosey, I want you to grab that urge by the throat and choke it till it dies. It's a bad urge to have."

3. I met this really great guy in my fiction class. He is SUCH a NERD and I LOVE HIM TO BITS. He can look at a camo jacket and tell what country and sometimes even what division it's used by just by looking at the pattern. Also, he does the most awesome Skwisgaar impersonation I have ever heard. I got so excited I hug-tackeled him as soon as he started talking. He also does a fairly good Pickles impersonation. (I think I'm in love guys. Seriously. And he loves Lord of the Rings, and agrees that the movies were better than the books).

But ohhhh teh college Drama. There is shouting and crying coming from next door, and one girl is having a mental break down. I think by now she's fighting with her roommate, but its hard to tell. The walls are thin, but not that thin.

But arg, Jewish studies homework. D: I swapped into the class, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I have to read 50 pages before tomorrow, and I won't have time to finish up tomorrow, but I'm sooo tired... I think I'm just going to read half of it, and do my best from there.

Anyway, that's my tale. College is pretty awesome, all in all.
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I really need to stop reading cakewrencks. (http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/) It always makes me crave cake so very badly. And I never have cake. I want cake. ):

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Kay, so, I was rereading some of my older stories, back from when I sucked at writing. I came across one that the concept of it was so convoluted, even I don't know what the hell was going on (I rarely finish any of my stories. I get a few pages in, and then I get stuck).

I wrote this one back before I was a slash fangirl. And HOLY CRAP. The two male protagonists are practically humping on screen! page. whatever. It was so freaking obvious, I didn't even know I was doing it at the time. It was such blatant subtext! I can't write it like that when I'm trying!
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How much of a dork does it make me that I started making sure that I wore my retainer every day after I realized it makes me sound like Murderface?
Just t'rowings dat out dere. I've been on a Metalocalypse kick for the past few days.

Just went swimming. I'm determined to stay fit, mostly because doing a gym class before and after winter break and not working out at all during said break made me realize how lazy and unhealthy I am when I don't have someone yelling at me to work out.

I figure I'll take a martial arts class while at college. Dad has really been pushing me to do that anyway, since I'll be a short drive from New York City and he's worried about me. (I'm worried about me too). I've taken a little teeny bit of Aikido, which was too structured and boring for me; and another little teeny bit of Mua Tai Boxing, which was not.

My conundrum is thus: the less disciplined stuff like kickboxing will give me something to defend myself with right away. The more disciplined stuff won't, but over the long run will make me more powerful.
I kind of wanted to take two, kickboxing for right now and a separate, more disciplined one for the long run; but Dad said that's not a good idea, I'd get too confused between the two. Or, I could take a martial arts class and never leave campus or talk to anyone and lock all my doors and windows and carry a taser gun until I've gone up a few belts. {Just kidding. Mostly}

What do you think? Or am I just being unreasonably paranoid?
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Let's play a game!

It's called good news/bad news.

Good news: I graduated.
Bad news: I am now a college student. TERROR.

Good news: I went to an after graduation party, and learned the taste-bud orgasm that is Pina Coladas.
Bad News: I got tipsy after a cup or so, felt like crap, burst into tears and went home early.

Good news: I stay here until the 17th of July, which means lots- nay, oodles- of time to spend with my friends before I never get to see them again.
Bad news: I'm staying so I can finish the Huge Ass Project of DOOM.

Good news: My mom bought me a tablet for graduation. GLEE!
Bad news: I don't get to use it or even open the freaking box until I finish the Huge Ass Project of DOOM.
News that I will grudgingly admit doesn't suck, it's okay, I guess: I am now motivated to actually finish the goddamn thing.
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According to Spell Check, 'children's' is Not a Word

So right now I'm doing this huge ass project that I totally hate and is eating up hours and hours of my life (I think I was bitching about this before but I'm not sure). What it involves right now is helping the Children's Aid Society organize their library. Right now everything is just kinda there.
I'm currently going through their inventory spreadsheet of all the books and marking whether or not the books are fiction or nonfiction. Some of them are easy: All about Tornadoes is non-fiction, Cinderella is fiction. Some of the books are a little less clear, and some of them are just plain wtf. There is a book called "I like jam." No joke. I'm pretty sure it's fiction, but the idea that someone would actually write a book about how much they love jam is just too lulzy to let go, so I have to look it up.
Oh, and then there was the "Stamp Collecting for Canadian Kids." Why would you have that in a library in freakin Singapore?

I'm also having a few problems of the theological nature. There's prayers, which- much as it makes my inner organized-religion-hating self writhe in agony- go in the non-fiction section, that's easy enough. Bibles, *sigh* okay, to the non-fiction section. Just think of it as a really specific sort of history book.
But what the fuck do I do with the "Good Samaritan?" Is that considered a fictional tale with a moral, or is it part of the whole Bible package? I'm having the same trouble with the bigfoot book. Some people think Bigfoot is real, and thus put it in the non-fiction section. Others, who think it's all a hoax, would put it in the fiction section.

There are also rather amusing misspellings of titles like "Hope on Pop", which I then read every time I glance at is as "Hope on Pope". Make of that what you will.

tl;dr Audrey is doing work for once and is bored the hell out of her mind.
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School has turned me into a zombie. And not the cool flesh eating kind, the lame kind that just wants to sleep a lot.


- COLLEGE: I finally decided what college I'm going to- Sarah Lawrence in New York State, though I'd like to take a gap year and do a postgrad thingy here before I go, for two reasons: a) my family is staying here for another year, so I'd be super-freaking far away and b) I haven't NEARLY finished taking all the classes I want to take yet. Like 'history through film'. You watch movies. And mock them.

-PROM: Going, of course. It is senior prom. Found a REALLY nice dress and discovered that HOLY SHIT I HAVE CURVES. O.o I'll post some pictures later, right now the dress is being fitted.

OTHER: I have photoshop now. And it is swweeeet. I have hinted/flat out told my mom that the only thing I want for my birthday/graduation/early Christmas/WHATEVER is a tablet. Because tablets are so awesome.

I can play the guitar now! Sorta! Kinda! Not really! One song! Part of a song! The opening riff! Of 'Smoke on the Water'! And I've been playing that over and over and over again because it is so much fun to play the guitar. I've been driving my family insane, because it's just, like,four notes over and over again.

AAAnd that's it. For now.

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